AdSense banned prevention

How Not to Get Your AdSense Banned – AdSense for Beginners

There are several ad networks out there one can use to monetize a blog, but that doesn’t stop many new bloggers wanting to get into Google AdSense and we can’t blame them, because the reason is very obvious. A significant amount of new bloggers get their Google AdSense banned due to silly mistakes they do. Signing up for Google AdSense was the first step I took into monetizing my first blog when I first started out as a blogger.

AdSense banned prevention

There are several alternatives to Google AdSense, but the truth is that, it is no longer news, that Google AdSense is arguably the best contextual and highest paying ad network out there.

Irrespective of AdSense strict ToS, they are still on top of my recommended list of ad networks you can use to monetize your blog. I will also share with you guys how to increase your AdSense earnings in my upcoming post. So make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get notification when the post goes live.

AdSense is very strict about their ToS. It is not easy getting an approval from Google AdSense. In addition to that you need to be very careful in order to avoid joining the ever growing list of bloggers who got their Google AdSense banned. If you follow AdSense guidelines you will have a very good AdSense experience, but if you in any way go against their ToS, the penalty will be getting your AdSense banned.

In order to avoid getting kicked out of AdSense, you have to make sure you read this post to the end, to know and avoid the common mistakes many AdSense publishers make.

Reasons why AdSense banned accounts keep increasing:

Invalid Clicks:

Many AdSense banned accounts occurs due to invalid clicks. In fact, this is the major reason why many bloggers in Nigeria and other African countries got their AdSense banned. Many new AdSense publishers advice their friends and loved ones to click on their ads without know the negative implication this will do to their AdSense account. If you are among the people doing this, it’s time you stop, you should know you are putting your AdSense account at risk. If you are getting too many invalid clicks on your site, AdSense will ban you to protect the interest of their Advertisers. You can check out AdSense program policies here.

Maximum AdSense unit on a single webpage:

There are no limits to the number of ads you can place on a single page, just don’t let the ads be more than the contents on that page. You can read my other post on maximum allowed AdSense ads on a page for better explanation

AdSense explicitly said:

“We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made”.

Using AdSense on unsupported language blog:

At the time of writing this post, Google AdSense does not support all languages. If you intend to place AdSense ads on a blog whose language AdSense does not support, then it’s time for you to rethink cos that move will get your AdSense account banned. If you are already doing it, then I suggest you make changes as soon as possible to avoid getting your Google AdSense account banned. So avoid using any plugin or method to make your blog multi-lingual cos in the face of AdSense that is in violation of their ToS.

You can find the list of AdSense supported language here.

Sending ads on Email:

It’s against Google AdSense policy for any AdSense publisher to send AdSense ads within email. Many AdSense publishers started doing this and Google frown at it.

Advertisement label:

I know most of you might have come across websites that uses phrases like “click here to see hot babe” or “click here to see naked women” (this particular one can be annoying) or websites that use pop-up script to show ads in pop-up, so readers have to click on it before they can be able to see the content. It got to a time many publishers started using these methods to attract more clicks to the ads on their page. But one thing you should know is that AdSense frown at these methods as well.

Altering the AdSense code:

We know you have programming skills but please don’t bother trying your programming skills with your AdSense code, Google doesn’t like that. Google ToS doesn’t allow in any way the use of adjacent image to shade your AdSense image ads. Changing your AdSense code in any way is not allowed by Google and can get you banned from the program.

Hosting Copyright content:

AdSense doesn’t allow putting ads on sites that distribute copyright content. So, if you host copyright contents like songs, movies, or any other stuff that is copyrighted on your site, then you should know it’s against AdSense rules.
Linking to site that distribute illegal or copyright content:

The following contents are not allowed for AdSense site:

• Gambling
• Hacking/cracking
• Racial content
• Page selling drugs or alcoholic drinks
• Pages selling weapons and ammunition
• Porn and adult material
• Violet contents
• Distribution of course work

So avoid linking to sites that has such contents on them.

In order to avoid getting into trouble with AdSense, you should avoid linking to sites that stream movies, sell illegal or pirated software cos I discovered this is one of the major reasons (apart from invalid clicks) why many AdSense accounts get banned.

Paid Traffic:

Promoting your posts on social media is not a violation of AdSense ToS but buying of traffic for your AdSense enabled sites, is a violation of AdSense ToS, except if you are buying these traffics from quality sites like facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon.

Making ads look like part content:

You can blend your ads with the contents on your site page by changing the color or size, in fact it looks better that way but don’t make it look exactly like the content on your page, Google AdSense doesn’t like that.


More points:

• Avoid making your AdSense ads too sticky. It’s against AdSense implementation policy to make your ads sticky.

• Make sure not to place AdSense ads on 404 error page, log-in page, thank you page and exit page.

• If your AdSense enabled site curate videos from youtube or any other video hosting site, that can put your account under the radar. In order to avoid this, make sure you have original content on your blog. A better way to go about this is to add 200-300 words content in your words describing the video.

If you are one of the many victims who have been banned from AdSense, don’t worry there are other alternatives to AdSense which you can use to monetize your blog and make some money off it.


If you find this post helpful, let us know your views about AdSense and don’t forget to share with your friends so they can also benefit from it.

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  1. Hello Hemjay!

    Wait…is that a nick?

    Sound cools though. 🙂

    BTW, you have got a good blog running and I love what you are doing around here. Clap for yourself brother. 🙂

    Speaking of which, I believe Google Adsense is one of the foremost ways bloggers make money online and yes, I have made good money via Google Adsense and I can categorically tell you that it is easily the best way for a newbie blogger to make money blogging online.

    But brother, in all the years of using GA to make money, never was there a time when I got warned let alone be banned for going against Google’s TOS. And that’s largely because of the fact that I followed through with the ethical knowledge of how Google want us to display and show ads on our sites.

    You have however did an awesome job wth this post by highlighting some of the things to do just so we don’t get banned. Kudos!


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