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My name is John Mezie, a blogger, music lover, and a tech lover. I enjoy reading, researching, experimenting, (let just say I enjoy learning new stuffs). I play a lot as well (lol).

I have been in what I would like to call “the blogging business” for some time now (a little over two years), writing articles and setting up blogs for people mostly on the WordPress.org platform and I did manage some few blogs as well.

In my years of experience playing around with WordPress and every Tech I could lay my hands on as well as experimenting with SEO tricks trying to find what works best, I have learnt a lot during this period to know I can share my knowledge and experience with others and that brought about the creation of my new blog www.blogandtechlife.com

Over the years I have discovered that there isn’t too many blogs out there that simplify the technical aspect of blogging, SEO, Cryptocurrencies, internet marketing, WordPress etc.

This makes the People with less technical knowledge, lost or difficult for them to get information online and this is the void Blog and Tech Life has come to fill.

www.blogandtechlife.com was created with beginners in mind, those who have little or no technical knowledge about blogging, SEO, WordPress and other blogging platforms can actually get step by step guide on any topic relating to Blogging, WordPress, Latest Tech news, SEO, Product reviews, Cryptocurrency etc. I simplify it to the point even a dummy will understand my point, but I know u are no dummy (lol😀).

At blogandtechlife.com I make it a must to give my audience quality and well-detailed content to make sure they understand my point and am able to solve their problem (cos that is the point of blogging in the first place) and if after reading the contents on this blog and you still have any problem, you can always contact me through the contact form bellow and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

With all that said above, I would like you not to feel like a stranger once you are here, get involve in the discussions lets  get interactive and you can even make a request about a post you would like me to write on or a product you would like me to review.

Still, wanna know more about me? Send me a message via the contact form bellow